Laboratory for Superconducting Quantum Science and Technology

The ability to control individual quantum objects opens the door to the intriguing world of quantum physics.

Engineered quantum systems also promise to lead to paradigm-shifting applications in information technology.

Our team drives innovations in quantum technology through science and education.

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Just in time with the arrival of our first cryostat on May 7, we had the pleasure to welcome FAU's president Prof. Joachim Hornegger to a tour through our rapidly advancing lab environment. Great spirit, great questions, great discussions, great support!

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We are excited to announce, that as of Nov. 1 we are part of the project MUNIQC-SC, aiming to scale and advance superconducting quantum computing. Looking forward to contributing to this collaborative effort.

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A warm welcome to Hannaneh Sadat Zarrabi and Dr. Prakiran Baidya who have joined our team on Nov. 1. Hannaneh just completed an internship in the group of Prof. Mikko Möttönen at Aalto University. Prakiran had previously explored superconductivity in low-dimensional systems in the group of Prof. Ave...

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We are delighted and grateful to have received approval from the German research foundation (DFG) for the co-funding of two complementary cryogenic quantum control setups. Looking forward to filling the void in our nice lab space at FAU with equipment.

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Some impressions from our Team Event May 2023, which everyone greatly enjoyed. Our workshop sparked new ideas and helped to sharpen our plans for the future. Big thanks to the group of Stefan Filipp at Walther-Meißner-Insitute in Garching for hosting us, for providing an exciting lab visit to our...

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