Norbert Lindlein

Prof. Dr. Norbert Lindlein

Apl. Professor

Chair of Experimental Physics


Since 2009 Norbert Lindlein is professor (so called “außerplanmäßiger Professor”) at the Physics Department at FAU Erlangen. Previously, he was coworker at the Physics Department at FAU Erlangen since 1992, where he also made his diploma in physics (in 1992), his PhD (Dr. rer.nat. in 1996) and his habilitation (in 2002). He made research visits at the Institut d’Optique in Orsay/Paris (France) in 1994 and at the Institute of Microtechnology in Neuchatel (Switzerland) in 2000.

His research interests include the simulation and design of optical systems, diffractive optics, microoptics and optical measurement techniques using interferometry or Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors.